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About Us

Our Approach

With 100% locally sourced ingredients, we shop at the Santa Monica, South Pasadena and Claremont Farmerโ€™s Markets. We are farm-to-table, non-gmo, pesticide-free restaurant and cafรฉ. We proudly serve Grass-fed Beef, Free-range Chicken, Pasture-raised eggs. We have vegetarian and vegan options available.


Our Story

Native Fields is owned by sisters, Chef Cat Castaneda and Christine Cornwell. The restaurant is in honor of their late father, Marcel Castaneda, who passed away in 2016 from cancer. With no local access to prepared whole foods, the Native Fields mission is to provide surrounding communities with healthier options and access to farmers market, pesticide-free and non-gmo, ingredients. Native Fields opened their doors on March 20, 2018.

Mission Statement

Native Fields is a family owned cafe in the city of Walnut, CA.

We are committed to being a cafe that empowers suburban communities to choose whole foods over processed. To provide equal access to fresh, local foods we proudly accept EBT. We are committed to supporting local businesses by stocking specialty goods from vendors native to California.

We are committed to creating valuable experiences for our employees through leadership, tailored educational experiences, and positive encouragement. We are dedicated to protecting our planet by implementing sustainable practices, such as repurposing and using eco-friendly products, and encouraging others to do so as well.

Native Fields is deeply devoted to connecting the people and the planet through these values.

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